• The Front Door
    of History

The Front Door of History

Famous commercial street in Beijing

Qianmen SOHO Business Street shopping plaza will break the investment, operation mode, the travel shopping experience is interpreted as a new type of tourism and cultural experience, the introduction of a century of international brand experience stores to meet the travel consumer through the integration of the tradition of the brand's historical Qianmen Street Exclusive demand the "independence" of cultural tourism experience to tourists, to create a group of domestic and foreign tourists fond memories of Qianmen commercial street, to inspire people to miss feelings of the history
and culture of the front door.

Build niche top dining cluster

Michelin luxury restaurant settled, experience the nobility of the Imperial City, Beijing's most high-end people create a charming and wonderful dinner experience. Capital M Restaurant is located in the historic Qianmen Street in Beijing, the supply of high-quality modern European cuisine, guests can reap the Tiananmen Square in the elegant restaurant environment spectacular. M restaurant popular with Shanghai's Bund, the legendary Hong Kong M at the Fringe, and the authority of the U.S. travel magazine "Conde Naste Traveler" selection of the best bar - Glamour Bar jointly describe the the Michaelis dining Jinghu Port legend.


Qianmen Avenue Overview

Qianmen Street is a famous commercial street in Beijing, is located in the south side of the Tiananmen Square north front door Moon Bay, south to the flyover junctions and flyovers connected to South Street, a total length of 845 meters, is the largest ancient city protected areas, is only around Tiananmen Square The planning of the commercial district.





SOHO Qianmen Avenue

Qianmen Street, B2-108

Chongwen District, Beijing