• SOHO China's Galaxy SOHO is a large development in central Beijing
    comprising a compelling mix of office and retail space.

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  • SOHO China's Galaxy SOHO is a large development in central Beijing
    comprising a compelling mix of office and retail space.

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Qianmen Street's Long Rich History

Qianmen Street has a long history, which is the oldest commercial street in Beijing. Far in the Yuan Dynasty when Korea the main entrance (now the front door) was outside leading to the outskirts of the Boulevard is its predecessor.

The Dadu established, every Spring and Autumn Festival, officials, poets or out of the city to Fayuan, Tianning, White Cloud Temple area to play, which resulted in the prosperity of the front door. Early Ming rebuilt Beijing, construction Zhengyangmen nine gates, Qianmen Street is becoming a lively streets.

The Ming Dynasty

The middle of the Ming Dynasty, the business developed, appears on both sides of the Qianmen Street the fish mouth pig (beads) City port, Coal City, mouth, food stores mart and street, Qianmen Street became a commercial street.

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Jiajing later, provincial and municipal officials in Beijing in order to solve the problem of accommodation in Beijing Candidate Candidates Qianmen Street hatchback around the Hall. Move often to the Qianmen Street to buy daily necessities or drinking and fun, so that also contributed to the Qianmen Street became a bustling commercial street.

Beginning of the Qing Dynasty moved to the front door of the vicinity of the city lights of the Lower East Side, and in order to safeguard the dignity of imperial power, cinemas, tea plantations, brothels only permitted to open outside the city, so the Qianmen Street than before, there has been further prosperity.

For example, Beijing's ancient theaters wide and cinemas on the creation of the meat market outside the front door. Here was originally built by the Ming Dynasty the rich room residue's playhouse, called "slag Floor", to the Qing Dynasty, it became one of the first play park in Beijing.

Qianjia Yuqing Yuan in Chunming Cong Tan depicted in the bustling Qianmen Street: When Pearl City Zhengyangmen of the red, around 23 years of are the Shang businessmen, established as a city open marketplace where gold and silver jewelry as well as food goods as a mountain plot, the wine pavilion Song floor, the cheering Hanyin, constant sunset endlessly. This explains the Qianmen Street, stuporous, sensual pleasures and Qianmen Street was already several restaurants.

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Xianfeng five years (1855) opened the "Cheap Place the roast duck restaurant; The meat market Tongzhi three years (1864) opened the roast duck restaurant Quanjude hanging furnace;" are a restaurant legend of Emperor Qianlong came here to eat Shaomai said something to praise, then named.

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Guangxu there the "Zhimeizhai" ravioli, the "Kowloon vegetarian" plum juice (in Dashilan East Side), "Liu Biju pickles, Masaaki vegetarian" Man-Han pastries famous food stores.

After the founding of the Republic, sell butter lamb famous Yueshengzhai moved Qianmen Street. At this time, due to the front door of the train station, a daily throughput with a large number of travelers, Qianmen Street is even more crowded.

Qianmen Street is a beautiful street. "Peach Blossom Fan" of Kong Shangren once singing: "the front door chariot Road sand soft" Xuantong when someone depicts a the Qianmen Street "Luk Yeung weeping willow horse cherry" on both sides of the road, the red, green and matched between the pedestrian, Le forgetting tired.

Later, most of these features of the Qianmen Street preserved, and also opened several clothing stores, department stores. Beijing's oldest studio - great northern Photo Gallery, moved to Beijing, "the old Zhengxing" restaurant, etc. have opened here.

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