Qianmen Street Overview

Qianmen Street is a famous commercial street in Beijing, is located in the south side of the Tiananmen Square north front door Moon Bay, south to the flyover junctions and flyovers connected to South Street, a total length of 845 meters, is the largest ancient city protected areas, is only around Tiananmen Square The planning of the commercial district.

Convenient transportation

  • Entrance: 6 import and export are prestigious cultural blocks: Zhengyang floor archway, fish mouth Street, Taiwan the Liu Laogen big stage,, Zhushikou Street, Dashilan.
  • Bus and subway: 20 bus lines + Metro Line 2 subway + multi-line bus to build a multi-Wai interactive MRT system.
  • Car: 3480 underground parking spaces.
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SOHO Qianmen Avenue

Qianmen Street, B2-108

Chongwen District, Beijing